miércoles, 11 de enero de 2012

Best of 2011

Aihaf yast rid on ComicLink dis messag:

It´s that time of year again, look over what you acquired in 2011 and pick your top 5 pieces and enter them in the Best of 2011, hosted by CAF. There are six categories, and 5 entries for each person.
Below is the general info, I will post the instructions on how to upload your entries when it starts.

Best of 2011 Published and Unpublished:
You will have up to 5 entries and they can be in any of the 6 categories:
Published Covers
Published Splashes, Pin-Ups
Published Interior Panel pages
Published Strip Art
Unpublished Convention Sketches
Unpublished Other

Posting Entries Begins: Jan 7 (Saturday)
Posting Ends: Jan 15 (Sunday)

Voting starts Monday January 16th (Monday)
Voting end January 22th (Sunday)

Be seeing you,
Brian Peck

Sou, mai favourits píss dis year arr:

The Avengers #164 Pg.01 Byrne/Marcos
Category: Published Splashes

Prince Valiant Tier from 1964 Harold Foster
Category: Published Strip Art

The Uncanny X-Men #134 Pg.02 Byrne/Austin
Category: Published Interior Panel pages

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  1. Pues tampoco son para tanto ¬¬

    COFF, COFF... (qué cabrón) COFF, COFF..

    Ahora en serio: Enhorabuena por lo conseguido este año. Has conseguido muchas piezas bien chulas. La de Byrne/Austin de los UXM es una pasada.