miércoles, 14 de junio de 2023


Este pasado 12 de junio el comic-book norteamericano, todo fan Marvel y aficionado en general, perdió a una de sus más grandes leyendas: John Romita Sr. (1930-2023). Y así lo recordaba y despedía Mike Burkey AKA Romitaman, uno de los dealers más carismáticos e importantes del mundo del coleccionismo de originales:
I wanted to share with everyone reading this that with a VERY HEAVY HEART heart, I was just informed after midnight tonight of the passing of my very dear friend JOHN ROMITA SR. who passed away peacefully on Monday I was told!

I first met John Romita in 1992 (with Stan Lee) at the Capital City Sales conference in Madison Wisconsin when I had my comic book store from 1991-1998. John Romita always was the kindest most friendly person you could ever hope to meet at a comic convention or just anywhere!

I was truly blessed to be close friends with John and Virginia Romita over the past 23 years with them both being so kind as to allow me to visit them multiple times every year until Covid stopped us from meeting like we used to.

I am truly blessed to have so many fond memories with both john and Virginia Romita.

I still remember every amazing meal Virginia made when I visited them for the very first time at their home in January of 2000 for john's 70th Birthday!

This picture below is from my VERY first visit to John & Virginia's home in January 2000, and the drawing a few years later John drew for me. (...)
I always considered John Romita as a 2nd father to me... And I am still crying as I write this email, knowing that I will never get to see this sweet kind friend ever again....On Earth!

But I do plan to see John Romita again one day! :)