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Comparativa de las páginas no publicadas del FF#286

Este verano Brian Peck comentaba en ComicArt-L:

"Some thought it was John Byrne who penciled it all but you would be wrong. During John's run on the Fantastic Four he agreed to reboot Superman. When it was announce he was doing Man of Steel for some reason Jim Shooter decided to change Fantastic Four #286, after it had been approved, written, penciled, inked and lettered. Jim didn't contact John about it but did get Chris Claremont to rewrite the flashback. To draw the 3 page flashback they got Jackson Guice, with Terry Austin inking (he had inked the rest of the book over John). Combination of Terry inking and Guice aping John many didn't notice the change. One person who did was John Byrne, who decided to remove his name from the book. That is why "You Know Who" is listed in the credits.
I had never seen the three Guice pages, Butch had sold them years before. A big thanks goes out to Anthony for doing the deal for these pages. Cool thing is on the back Guice has written some comments about his drawing like Byrne (scans up with the CAF).
I am really thrilled to get the 3 pages penciled by Jackson Guice. The big difference between John's unpublished and Guice's published pages is how the Phoenix is portrayed, John's is more evil."

Las páginas de marras son éstas y se puede apreciar, no ya sólo el estilo mimético de Guice, sino también cómo los cambios del guión en el trabajo de Chris Claremont:

 FF#286 Pg.24 
(izquierda la publicada de Guice, a la derecha la no publicada de Byrne)
FF#286 Pg.26
 (izquierda la publicada de Guice, a la derecha la no publicada de Byrne)

Sobre este mismo asunto el amigo Ferran Delgado escribió ésto en su blog.

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  1. Ya las habia visto, pero siempre habia pensado que la de Guice era obra también de Byrne. Entre Guice y Austin clonan muy bien al bueno de Byrne. Chapeau!! Buen trabajo de investigación, Rafa!

  2. Pues sí, daban el pego.
    Y "trabajo de investigación" nada de nada. Corta y pega y poco más ;-)

  3. Podrías publicarlo traducido al español? Gracias!